Keynote Speakers

David Makinson (London, UK):
Logicians like climbing trees
Friday, January 14 at 20:00 (EET)

Leora Morgenstern (Palo Alto, USA):
From text to battle simulations using formal representations: How NLP, logic, and planning work together in COMBAT 
Thursday, January 13 at 18:00 (EET)

Irina Perfilieva (Ostrava, Czech Republic):
Fuzzy sets, fuzzy partitions and manifolds
Thursday, January 13 at 16:00 (EET)

Anatol Reibold (Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany):
Deep learning as a special case of abductive reasoning
Saturday, January 15 at 16:00 (EET)

Dimiter Vakarelov (Sofia, Bulgaria):
Region-based theories of space and time
Saturday, January 15 at 18:00 (EET)